The Benefits of a Massage Chair

A Massage Chair can be one of the best investments you make in your health and wellness. A therapeutic massage can alleviate pain, reduce stress and boost energy levels.

Advanced massage chairs have rollers that move in defined patterns that mimic the hands of a professional masseuse. Some have an L-track that extends to the glutes and hamstrings.


The simplest massage chairs rely on vibration to create the desired effect. To do this, the chair’s frame is outfitted with motors whose weighted centers of gravity are unbalanced to produce an effect similar to vibrating your body against a hard surface.

Advanced massage chairs feature microprocessors that allow the chair to adjust to your unique physical needs. By analyzing the wear and tear of your muscles, the microprocessor can predict the type of massage you need to get back on track.

One of the most popular technologies for high-end massage chairs is the air compression massage. During an air compression massage, a series of inflatable bags throughout the chair mimic the feeling of wearing compression socks by contracting and releasing to facilitate blood flow.


In most massage chairs, the backrest moves in a reclined position to provide a full-back massage. Some massage chairs have a backrest that extends into the thighs to deliver leg and calf massages. These massages help reduce stress hormones, lower high blood pressure, and improve posture.

More advanced massage chairs have rollers that move left and right, up and down, and in circles to mimic the movements of human hands. These rollers are usually placed on a track in the chair’s back, although some have rollers inside the footrest to target the calves and thighs.

The backrest in some models also has a flat position that allows the user to assume a sleeping position. This feature is known as Zero Gravity. It provides a deeper, more intense massage than other chair positions.


The fundamental function of massage chairs is to massage the back, but many models also offer a leg/foot massage. Pawel demonstrates how the leg massage differs from one chair to another, as well as how it can be used for more than just relaxation.

Airbags in the feet and calf area compress or squeeze the foot and calf muscles to stimulate blood circulation. They can even help correct shin splints by targeting the muscles that cause them.

Many massage chairs have ottomans that rotate open and closed so that they can fit feet of different sizes. Those that don’t have foot rollers instead use a hard rubber “nobule” that pushes your feet up and down when the calf airbags are inflated to provide a kneading type of leg massage.


A Massage Chair typically has a set of mechanical arms that mimic the hand motions of a professional massage therapist. Some have airbags that inflate and deflate at different sequences to massage different parts of the body.

For example, compression massage for the arms can help with carpal tunnel syndrome. Another feature that’s often offered is the kneading of the arms for relaxation and improved circulation.

Many models also offer foot reflexology rollers, calf kneading and automatic footrest extension. Some even have innovative arm massage pockets that pop up for a massage and tuck away when not in use. A wired touchpad enables you to quickly change and save customized massage programs. Other features include back stretching, which can help relieve pressure between spinal vertebrae.


The legs are a major area of pain for many people and massage chairs that offer leg massage are essential. Especially for those who suffer from restless legs at night. Massaging the legs can help relieve this condition and reduce numbness and soreness.

Unlike the traditional S track rollers that massage from the neck down to the lumbar, this model has an L-track to reach those muscles in your back and upper thighs as well as the calves and feet. It also has a foot massage roller that moves with incredible sensitivity and precision, plus heating to ease the aches and pains in your feet.

When choosing a massage chair, it’s important to take measurements of the space where you will be placing it. Some models are more bulky than others and those that recline into zero gravity positions will need more room to accommodate the expanded seat and backrest.

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