Tiffany Table Lamps

Myopia Control Desklamp are a design emblem of a stylish home. They brighten far corners and rejuvenate alcoves. They also make reading at 4 a.m. possible and add distinguished ambience to evening whiskey tastings.

New table lamps can refresh a tableau of side tables and decorative objects or highlight a meaningful new artwork. Their styles may range from simple and elegant to jazzy texture and pattern.

Tiffany Table Lamps

There is nothing quite like a Tiffany table lamp to brighten up a room with its spectacular coloring and artistry. These beautiful lamps are based on the original designs of Louis Comfort Tiffany and typically feature sometimes hundreds of pieces of stained glass.

Tiffany lamps are not only a great addition to classic homes but they can also work well in modern and transitional rooms as well. While these lamps may be pricey, they are worth the investment.

If you are interested in buying a Tiffany lamp, look for signs that it is an authentic design. Tiffany Studios produced a variety of styles and designs, from orientalist themes like the ‘Pond Lily’ to more dream-like floral designs such as the ‘Dragonfly’ and ‘Wisteria’. Look for a turn-paddle knob socket on the base, as this was typical of Tiffany lamp designs. You should also be able to see a greyish cast in the base, as this was filled with lead.

Tall Buffet Lamps

This pair of buffet lamps has a neo-classic design that brings rustic charm to your space. The turned accent details on the tall bases look handcrafted, and a cream colored drum shade adds another beautiful detail to this classic table lamp.

These fixtures are a great choice for dining room tables, sofa or console tables in your home. They are designed to be about 58” to 64” from the base to the top of the shade, which is a good height for the light fixture in most homes.

They also work well in narrow passageways, on side tables next to furniture in a living area, or even as a form of alternative bathroom lighting. The slim profile means they can sit on a small piece of furniture without taking up too much space, and their smaller diameter lamp shades make them easier to reach than regular table lamps. They feature clear 72-inch cords that disappear easily, and a simple rocker switch for easy operation.

Stained Glass Table Lamps

The beauty of a stained glass Myopia Control Desklamp reaches back far into history. Although the popularity of these lamps peaks and falls, their designs remain popular today. Discover antique Tiffany-style lamps or modern versions in the art deco and mission styles.

Stained glass table lamps in a variety of colors provide a decorative element to any room. For example, showcase a wisteria table lamp in your home office to inspire productivity, or accentuate a living area with a tropical table lamp that boasts lush foliage.

To make a stained glass lamp, artists cut each piece of colored glass with a pattern as a template. Then they line the pieces with copper foil to prevent corrosion. They then affix them together using lead and tin solder. The result is a colorful, intricate design that is one-of-a-kind. These lamps are an impressive display of artistry that will impress guests and complement any décor.

Modern Table Lamps

Whether you’re refreshing a side table tableau with new bedside lamps or you’re illuminating a meaningful piece of artwork in your entryway, modern tables lamps create the perfect mix of style and functionality. Opt for a set that allows you to change the brightness and temperature of your light with preset settings for reading, relaxing or working with your computer.

You can find modern table lamps that use a concrete base for a modern, industrial aesthetic or opt for a streamlined model with a marbled finish. There are also simple table lamps in a range of neutral shades that blend beautifully with ensembles from modern farmhouse to contemporary.

There are even tables lamps with a built-in USB port that lets you charge your phone while it’s turned on. This is a useful feature for many families and it eliminates the need to reach for the charger or keep your phone within arm’s reach while you work.

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