How to Decorate a Party Room

Whether you host family dinners or lively cocktail parties, having a dedicated home kids party game idea can make all the difference. If remodeling your home isn’t possible, consider repurposing an existing space to create the perfect setting for festivities.

Party Room 1 is a small, enclosed room where birthday parties appear to be held in the rebuilt Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza location. It connects to the office via the Left Air Vent, which animatronics will enter to reach Mangle.


Many people choose to designate a room in their home as the Party Room. This can be a bedroom, living space, family room, or even an addition to the house. Whether you are designing the space from scratch or remodeling, there are a few key items to keep in mind when it comes to decorations.

It is important not to overdo the decorations, as this can actually make guests feel claustrophobic and overwhelmed. Instead, choose a few high impact pieces that tie in with the overall theme and style of the party.

For example, hanging photos can be a great way to personalize the space for an anniversary or birthday celebration. Foil balloons are great for filling out the space, especially when they match a specific theme. Adding simple string lights can also add a touch of ambiance to the space. Lastly, natural elements such as flowers and pine cones can be a great decoration choice for parties.


Whether you have a formal or casual entertaining style, having the flexibility of seating arrangements makes a big difference. Especially in a room party, where communication between participants is key to the success of the event.

Oftentimes homeowners will convert their dining rooms, living rooms or add a second den to serve as their home party room. When choosing the right room to remodel or build, make sure it has a good flow to your kitchen, and is close to a bathroom for easy cleanup after parties.

A spacious ambiance is also essential for a successful home party room. The ceiling height should be above standard, since a low ceiling can feel crowded and claustrophobic. Cathedral, sloped or tray (also called trey) ceilings work best for a room party and also help with air circulation. The room should also have convenient trash receptacles. If you want a more elegant look, install frameless interior glass windows.


Tables are a vital element of any party room. They can add a dramatic focal point to the space as well as create a base for your decorations. Play with the height of your tables when arranging them and don’t be afraid to mix shapes. A combination of round and rectangular tables can create a dynamic and interesting look.

Longer rectangular tables can seat more guests than smaller round ones. They’re also great for food buffet lines and drink stations. Circular setups work best for networking events, evening parties and seated meals.

Be sure to have enough trash receptacles throughout the party room. This will keep the area looking neat and reduce cleanup time. It’s also a good idea to have a butt bucket for smokers. This can be as simple as a large metal container or even a pottery urn. Providing a butt bucket can save you the hassle of cleaning up after guests’ smoking mistakes.


Lighting arrangements are one of the most important factors in making your kids party game idea feel cosy and welcoming. It sets the tone for your guests and keeps them engaged and wowed throughout the night.

Uplighting is a great option for lighting your tables as it can highlight the shape and look of your guests dining arrangements. Wireless rechargeable battery operated uplights offer remote controlled color choices and dimmer options, perfect for positioning under draping and around seating areas.

You can also use gobo’s to add a more personal touch by projecting a pattern or logo on to your walls, banqueting tables or dancefloor. They work well with uplighting that can be static or programmed to change color over the course of a event i.e Amber for Dinner, Red during the First Dance and Purple during Open Dancing.

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