How to Decorate a Party Room in Your New Home

In addition to pools, gyms and outdoor space, kids party game idea are another underrated amenity that should be considered when buying a home. Mary Lou Currier of Bond New York explains why.

In-game, Party Room 1 is one of the locations from which players can drop items using telekinetic grab. It features two large tables with striped multi-colored tablecloths.

Decorate the Walls

Decorate the walls in your party room to create a unified space and set the mood for the event. Hang photos or art prints of the guest of honor, the birthday boy or girl and images that match the theme. You can also drape the walls in streamers or balloons to add color and flair.

If your party room doubles as a dining, gathering or living space for your family on a daily basis, use decorations that don’t damage the walls. Consider painting the room a color that blends with the rest of your home or uses neutral tones to make it versatile.

For a more formal look, you can cover the garage walls in your party room with gossamer fabric. Cut lengths of fabric a few feet longer than the ceiling height and tack them to the wall, allowing the bottom edges to puddle on the floor. Drape the same fabric over pillars, railings and other fixtures in the room.

Add Balloons

Whether they’re filled with air or helium, balloons can make a huge impact on any venue. Use them to frame entrances, adorn tables, or even make a statement ceiling.

Add a little variety to your balloon display by tying photos to the ends of string attached to them. This is a fun way to celebrate the graduate’s big moment and tie it all together with the decor theme of the party.

Consider using mini clothespins to hook the balloons onto the string, which makes them easier to install and gives you a uniform look for the balloons. You can also use safety pins and paper clips.

Avoid using anything that’s extra strong or advertised to be permanent, like duct tape, as it may damage the walls. A removable adhesive such as double-sided tape works well and leaves no sticky residue when removed.

String Lights

When it comes to illuminating the room for your party, there are lots of options available. You can use a strand of lights in place of traditional wall decor for a more elegant look. You can also drape string lights around a tree for a magnificent glow above the dinner table.

If you’re looking for a fun way to highlight photos or other art, consider using clip string lights with white bulbs attached to clips. These can be found online and are easy to hang on a variety of surfaces, including walls and banisters.

If you prefer a more subtle lighting solution, try a strand of LED fairy lights. These come in a wide range of colors and are powered by a standard outlet. If you want a bit more control over the illumination, look for a set that includes a remote and multiple modes. This Koopower set, for example, offers nine settings, including a wave function, slow fade, twinkle and flashing.

Hang Photos

For a special touch in your kids party game idea, hang photos of people important to the guest of honor or that fit the theme. For instance, a wedding anniversary or graduation celebration could include copies of the couple’s marriage certificate, while a birthday party would feature photos of the person celebrating his or her milestone.

You can also use streamers to decorate your party room. Drape lengths of the inexpensive paper decorations around the walls to form a curtain or twist them together to create affordable crepe paper bunting. You can even spell out names or messages with twisted lengths of streamer, or tie strands of alternating colors of streamers together to make pretty tassel garlands that are a simple way to decorate chairs and tables [1].

To hang pictures without risking paint damage on painted walls, first mark the spot where you want to place them with a pencil on the wall, then stick the shorter piece of poster hanging tape over the mark. Then, when you’re ready to hang a picture, pull up the tape and hammer in a nail at the marked spot.

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